DentalGruff™ Toothbrush for Dogs
DentalGruff™ Toothbrush for Dogs
DentalGruff™ Toothbrush for Dogs

DentalGruff™ Toothbrush for Dogs

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With its perfect design, the toothbrush gives your dog the ability to clean his own teeth. The design is made to encourage your dog to bite and by doing so, your pup cleans their own teeth.

Additionally, this can be a great play tool for your dog because we guarantee you - they will like it and enjoy everything it brings.

Those hard to reach molars have no chances with the DentalGruff™ Toothbrush for Dogs. With its size and shape, your dog can easily brush his or her molars and prevent any oral diseases like Gingivitis.

There's more to it, the DentalGruff™ can easily be used with a dog toothpaste and while they chew the DentalGruff™, the toothpaste will be cleaning up, strengthening and adding more protection to your pup's or dog's mouth.

Here's why its perfect:

  • It's made from natural rubber which is pet safe
  • It can reach those hard to find places and clean out the tar ensuring your dog's oral hygiene
  • You can get a pet toothpaste and use it with the DentalGruff™
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Your dog will love it!


  • 1x DentalGruff™ Toothbrush for Dogs


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